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The ABA cybersecurity handbook: a resource for attorneys, law firms, and business professionals

by Jill Rhodes. American Bar Association. 2013.
299 pages. No updates available.

In 2012, the American Bar Association created the Cybersecurity Legal Task Force. The task force is made up of attorneys in numerous practice areas because this issue is critical to every law practice, business, and government. This group’s goal was to create not only a valuable practical handbook for “understanding, planning for, and responding to a cyber-breach”, but also provide a framework for the vital national discussion on privacy and security in the increasingly electronic world. The handbook includes numerous appendices that provide handy references to relevant statutes, court decisions, and ethics opinions on outsourcing, cloud computing and metadata. Additional information can be found on the Task Force’s webpage, This page serves as a repository of the information they gathered and continue to gather in their research.

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