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Eyewitness testimony : civil and criminal

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by Elizabeth Loftus. Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 5th edition. 2013.
447 pages. Updated by new edition.

This valuable long-lived title was updated in 2013 to its fifth edition. In the foreword, the authors reiterate “the conversation between working lawyers, investigators and psychologists—between the lab, the street, and the courtroom—is constant.” With this active collaboration, eyewitness testimony is constantly the subject of rigorous research. Based on psychological research and observation of the legal system’s use of eyewitness testimony, the team of authors examines how to elicit reliable recollections and how to test the reliability in a courtroom setting. Valid science is described in accessible terms and contrasted with “junk science.” Numerous examples taken from legal cases and scientific studies make this an interesting and valuable resource.

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