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General/Federal Titles

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    By Martin Shenkman. Published by Demos Medical Publishing. 2009.

    Estate-planning is crucial for those with a chronic condition or disability. This text assists readers with financial planning, will creation, power of attorney, creating a trust, and property management. It also contains downloadable forms.

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    By Ruth Colker. Published by Thomson West. 2010. 4th edition.

    "This Nutshell presents an overview of the major federal disability laws with emphasis on the statutes, regulations, and significant points of substantive and procedural law. The fourth edition includes significant focus on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), including its 2008 Amendment. Features coverage on constitutional rights; the definition of "disabled"; Rehabilitation Act of 1973; employment discrimination; programs and services; and housing, education, and transportation. Also reviews the many relevant areas of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), including the 2004 Amendments." - from the publisher

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    By Colker, Ruth. Published by West Academic. 2016. 5th edition.

    "This Nutshell presents an overview of the major federal disability laws with emphasis on the statutes, regulations, and significant points of substantive and procedural law." - publisher's description

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    By George Klein. Published by University Press of America. 2012.

    "In the 1970's, sociologists found that mentally disordered patients were routinely committed to state hospitals. By 2005, state hospital facilities had been emptied and, consequently, the patients for whom they cared for had been shuffled elsewhere by the system. Some of these patients were placed in private hospitals. However, for many, there was no asylum-there was only jail or the street. How does our legal and mental health system handle the mentally disordered? In Law and the Disordered, George C. Klein presents a revealing survey that explores the system of processing prisoners and patients from arrest to admissions to court. In an investigation spanning over thirty years, Klein examines and evaluates the intersection of law, mental health, and social control. He additionally explores the condition of state level Department's of Mental Health and mental health legislation in an attempt to offer readers a complete picture of the system at work." - from the publisher

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    By Donald Hermann. Published by Thomson West. 1997.

    "Expert coverage deals with civil commitment, as well as hearings to determine fitness for trial or execution. Examines criminal defenses and sentencing as they relate to the mental capacity of defendants. Overviews categories of mental health professionals, including the scope of their work, liscensing, and discipline. Discusses the major psychiatric disorders. Clinical psychiatric evidence is examined, including a review of admissibility of evidence, qualifying experts, and establishing a basis for clinical opinion. Medical malpractice and negligence are also examined." - from the publisher

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    By Lawrence Siegel. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 7th ed.

    This title helps you to identify learning disabilities, understand your child's educational rights, and prepare and make the best case to school administrators.

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    By David Engel. Published by University of Chicago Press. 2011.

    Engel and Munger's study is based on interviews done with sixty individuals shortly after the passage of the American with Disabilities Act in 1990. Although all had experienced discrimination, none had filed a formal complaint. The discussion that follows is the role of civil rights in our society, and the paradox of "rights talk" and "rights assertion".

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    By Kevin Urbatsch. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 7th ed.

    "Special Needs Trusts shows you how to leave any amount of money to your disabled loved one -- without jeopardizing government benefits. It provides plain-English information and forms that let you create a special needs trust by modifying your will or living trust document." - from the publisher

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