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General/Federal Titles

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    By Joseph Shade. Published by Thomson West. 2010. 3rd edition.

    "This book gives students in an introductory course in business associations a succinct but reliable overview of the principle legal issues that arise in business relationships over the life cycle of the business. It explains the basic concepts that govern these relationships and provides specific examples of how they apply. It also explains similarities and dissimilarities in the business associations covered. The book is intended to help students understand the course whether their background is in accounting or music." - from the publisher

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    By Anthony Mancuso; Bethany Laurence. 2016. 7th ed.

    This guide walks business owners through drafting legal documents that act as a sort of "pre-marital agreement" for your business. These agreements will help to clarify the circumstances when someone must sell, what price will be paid, and other topics.

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    By Willaim Klein. Published by Foundation Press. 2010. 11th edition.

    "This title explains the basic economic elements and legal principles of business organization and finance. It is the best additional resource to assign to students for background. It distills in a straightforward and accessible way the essential elements of these often complex topics and explains the basic economic elements and legal principles of business organization and finance with concise, conceptual overviews. It contains a detailed introduction outlining the essential functions of corporate law. It contains an invaluable new section covering recent developments in financial markets, the financial crisis, the role of derivatives and financial complexity in the modern corporation to give students background on modern financial issues." - from the publisher

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    By Richard Freer. Published by Thomson West. 2013. 1st edition.

    "The study of business organizations is, broadly speaking, a study of how people engage in business and, more importantly, how the law facilitates and regulates the operation of such businesses. Written in a clear and informative style, and chock full of examples and illustrations, this book examines the legal rules and doctrines associated with running a business?from formation to dissolution to everything in between. These rules and doctrines are explored within the context of the various organizational forms in which a business may be operated. Thus, reading this book will provide you with a solid grounding in the law of agency, general partnerships, corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies." - from

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    By James Cox. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 3rd edition.

    "Clear, succinct, descriptions of the reasoning and policy issues underlying corporate law that is accessible to law students with no business or economic background. The 2011 edition is thoroughly updated to include recent Delaware and other leading decisions focused on fiduciary obligations and duties in corporate acquisitions, state and statutory developments affecting corporations including the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, the changing landscape of securities fraud suits in the federal courts, new discussions of unincorporated forms of business, insightful explanations of such news-making issues as corporate governance and director liabilities, and coverage of LLCs and LLPs." - from

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    By Denis Clifford. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 10th edition.

    Form a Partnership covers the legal and practical issues involved in forming a business partnership.

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    By Anthony Mancuso. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 9th edition.

    A comprehensive survey of everything you need to know about corporate laws and regulations in your state regarding incorporation.

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    By William A. Gregory. Published by Thomson West. 2001. 3rd edition.

    This Hornbook gives an overview of the legal issues involved in agency law. It is a popular course text and serves as a good refresher for those who haven't been practicing in the area.

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    By Fred Steingold. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 15th ed.

    This book covers the different types of business structures. It walks the reader through the structure, financing, and formation of a business. It includes chapters on licensing, taxes, franchising, insurance, and business contracts. It also walks the reader through some legal requirements when dealing with customers and some methods to use when solving legal disputes. It includes a checklist to use when starting a business. The book is written in plain English and tries to identify areas that would leave a business vulnerable to a lawsuit.

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    By Anthony Mancuso. Published by Nolo Press. 2018. 8th edition.

    This title covers the basics of business entities, how each business entity protects you from personal liability, profits, losses and tax treatment, converting from one type of business entity to another, and what to do if you conduct business out of state.

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    By David Steingold. Published by Nolo Press. 2016. 1st ed,.

    " Single-member LLCs are the new business entity of choice for small businesses with one owner. Easy to form and operate, Single Member LLCs combine some of the most desirable features of older, more traditional business structures like corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. With an Single Member LLC, you get personal liability protection, pass-through taxation, and flexibility of management." - from the publisher
    This title provides everything you need to know about starting and operating a Single Member LLC.

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    By Anthony Mancuso. Published by Nolo Press. 2019. 10th ed.

    "Nolo's Quick LLC provides essential information for business owners in every state. In plain English, it explains the advantages and drawbacks of forming an LLC – including limiting your personal liability." - from the publisher

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    By Lisa Guerin. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 5th ed.

    "Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies provides the tools employers need to assess your current policies' effectiveness, along with information on how to draft or revise, then distribute and enforce your new customized policies." - from the publisher

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    By Peri Pakroo. Published by Nolo Press. 2019. 8th ed.

    This comprehensive title addresses many of the topics and issues that arise when starting a nonprofit. Some of these topics include: choosing and obtaining federal tax-exempt status, getting the necessary insurance, creating a website, and more.

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    By Ilona Bray. Published by Nolo Press. 2011. 1st ed.

    This title provides strategies and advice for the necessary fundraising you must perform for your nonprofit entity.

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