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Texas Titles

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    By Staff, Publishers Editorial. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2016. 2015.

    An annotated and indexed guide to federal court rules for Texas attorneys. This title can assist attorneys in their legal research when practicing in the federal court system.

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    By Staff, Publishers Editorial. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2015.

    While the Texas court rules are available freely online, an annotated version is often helpful to gain a better understanding of the text.

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    By James Haley. Published by University of Texas Press. 2013.

    Composed under the auspices of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society, this work is the first book-length history of the Texas Supreme Court published since 1917. Though it does discuss landmark cases and judicial philosophy, this work, as the title implies, is written in a narrative style, emphasizing stories, drama, and the people who contributed to Texas' legal history in the first 150 years of statehood.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Kermit Roosevelt. Published by Foundation Press. 2014. 2nd edition.

    "This new addition to the Concepts and Insights series provides an analytical overview of the field of conflicts, explaining all major choice-of-law approaches in simple and straightforward text. Separate chapters explore discrete conflicts issues, including personal jurisdiction, recognition of judgments, family law, and state-federal conflicts including Erie and preemption. Extensive description and analysis of leading cases make this book an excellent companion to a casebook as well as a resource for practitioners." - from

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    By G. Larry Mays. Published by ABC-CLIO. 3/31/2012.

    "For more than 20 years now, the attitude in some jurisdictions has been 'if you're old enough to do the crime, you're old enough to do the time.' After two decades of applying this increasingly punitive mindset to juvenile offenders, it is possible to see the actual consequences of transferring more and younger offenders to adult courts. In Do the Crime, Do the Time: Juvenile Criminals and Adult Justice in the American Court System, the authors apply their decades of experience, both in the practical world and from unique research perspectives, to shed light on the influence of public opinion and the political forces that shape juvenile justice policy in the United States. The book provides a fresh look at the way the United States is choosing to deal with some of the serious or persistent juvenile offenders, utilizing real-life examples and cases to draw connections between transfer policies and individual outcomes." - from the publisher

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    By Robert Klonoff. Published by Thomson West. 2008. 1st edition.

    "This product provides thorough and up-to-date coverage of the major issues facing an advocate in the federal courts of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, including the final judgment rule and its exceptions, preservation of error, standards of review, filing notices of appeal or cross-appeal, motion practice (including emergency motions), briefs, records and appendixes, oral argument, rehearing and rehearing en banc, opinions, judgments, mandates, appellate sanctions, Supreme Court jurisdiction, writs of certiorari, and Supreme Court briefing and oral argument. It also provides strategic advice, such as how to prepare a persuasive brief and how to deliver an effective oral argument." - from the publisher

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    By Charles Wright; Mary Kay Kane. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 7th ed.

    "This work offers practical guidance and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of federal court jurisdiction and litigation procedure, as well as the relationship between the state and federal courts. The text reviews the federal judicial system; judicial power of the United States; diversity of citizenship; venue; law applied in federal courts; pleadings, trials, and judgments; and appellate court and Supreme Court jurisdiction." - from the publisher

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    By Wayne LaFave. Published by Thomson West. 2009. 2nd ed.

    "This book, for use in connection with a course focused upon crime detection and investigation, examines various investigative procedures, including search and seizure, network surveillance, entrapment, interrogation, lineup and photo identification, and grand jury investigation; describes the scope and administration of exclusionary rules relating to those procedures; and also discusses the right to counsel. All sections in the book are cross-referenced to comparable sections of the authors' seven-volume Criminal Procedure treatise containing more detailed analysis and citations to additional supporting authorities." - from the publisher

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    By James Pfander. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 2nd ed.

    "Designed for students in advanced courses, this book explains the leading principles of federal jurisdiction. It covers Marbury v. Madison and Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents, as well as rules governing original and appellate jurisdiction, justiciability and abstention, federal habeas corpus, and sovereign immunity. It discusses the enemy combatant cases, culminating in Boumediene, and recent Supreme Court decisions on the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, federal ingredient jurisdiction, complete preemption removal, and supplemental jurisdiction. The book also provides students with a sense of the argumentative possibilities available to lawyers and jurists working within the federal courts' tradition." - from the publisher

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    By Lynn Branham. Published by Thomson West. 2013. 9th edition.

    "An excellent reference tool, this book covers a range of sentencing-related topics, including the purposes of criminal sanctions, restorative justice, guilty pleas and plea bargaining, rights during sentencing proceedings, sentencing factors, various ways to structure sentencing systems, community sanctions, the death penalty, Eighth Amendment constraints on sentences in noncapital cases, parole release, probation and parole revocation, and the enmeshed penalties or collateral consequences of a conviction. The latter half of this helpful resource provides an illuminating overview of the constitutional rights of prisoners, the mechanics of litigating inmates’ § 1983 suits, and the remedies available to inmates." - from the publisher

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