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General/Federal Titles

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    By Socrates Media. Published by Socrates Media. 2006.

    This comprehensive personal aid title walks through different types of bankruptcy, the process of filing for bankruptcy, and advice for next steps.

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    By Jonathan Sheldon. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2014. 3rd edition.

    This title covers consumer defenses to collection lawsuits on credit card, medical, and other debts. It provides information on defending a collection lawsuit including statutes of limitations, choice of law, elements of the collector's causes of action and Consumer and class counterclaims. It also provides specifc steps to take after judgment for the collector or consumer.

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    By Lauren Saunders. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2013. 5th edition.

    This text provides information on credit, debit & stored value cards, checks, money orders, e-sign, electronic banking and benefit payments.

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    By Robin Leonard. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 13th ed.

    This book from Nolo is intended to share sensible strategies for fixing bad credit. In the updated 11th edition of Credit Repair, the authors assist readers in clearing up their credit reports, negotiating with creditors, and prioritizing their debts with plain-English advice, forms, and letters that will get readers on a path to living debt-free with a solid credit history.

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    By Robert Hobbs. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2014. 8th edition.

    This title covers the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act including what types of transactions are covered, what rights consumers have, defenses, and counterclaims. It also looks at other federal claims, tort remedies, and other state remedies. It includes several appendices that include sample complaints, discovery, and trial documents.

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    By John K. McNulty and Daniel J. Lathrope. Published by Thomson West. 2012. 8th edition.

    "How and when is income taxable? To whom is it taxable? This Nutshell summarizes U.S. federal income tax law, defines income, and identifies the different types of deductions. It explains statutory inclusion and exclusion from gross income, profit-related deductions, mixed deductions, personal deductions, and other allowances. It also inquires into the policy and purposes of, and alternatives to, existing legal rules." - from the publisher

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2017. 9th edition.

    This work is a useful overview of the laws surrounding repossessions for both practitioners and laypersons. Covering the repossession of motor vehicles, mobile homes, and household goods, it addresses the Uniform Commercial Code provisions common to every state as well as laws specific to states. It includes a companion website which provides sample forms and the text of relevant statutes. Access to the companion website is available from the National Consumer Law Center database, available at

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    By Leonard, Robin; Loftsgordon, Amy. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 16th ed.

    This title examines a range of consumer topics such as debt collection and credit reports. Chapter 8 is entitled "Reducing mortgage payments and dealing with foreclosure."

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    By Diane Thompson. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2012. 8th edition.

    This thorough guide to Truth in Lending (TIL) provides up to date information on the latest regulations. Some topics explored include rescission rights, Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), closed-end, variable rate, and home equity loan disclosure rules, Credit CARD Act and FRB rules on credit cards, and Consumer Leasing Act disclosure requirements and auto lease early termination charges.

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