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Texas Titles

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    By Deandra Grant. Published by James Publishing. 2013.

    "A comprehensive guide to representing DWI clients in Texas

    Because a conviction is so costly, a plea to a Texas DWI should be a last resort. To provide the defense your DWI clients need and deserve, you must be prepared to confront the State’s witnesses at trial. Cross-examination of the State’s witnesses is probably the most difficult, yet most crucial aspect of winning a DWI trial. In Texas DWI Manual, successful DWI attorneys Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tuckeroffer the tools you need to take the DWI case from inception through trial and beyond. This valuable guide includes:

    Hundreds of trial-tested cross- examination questions

    Over 80 forms and numerous practice tips
    Clear explanations of the law and the science

    Tactics for discrediting SFSTs

    Step-by-step guidance for trying breath and blood cases." - from the publisher

General/Federal Titles

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2015, 2017. 5th edition.

    This manual provides guidance on how to investigate, plead, litigate, and settle an automobile fraud claim. It focuses on automobile fraud when the dealer defrauds the consumer as to the nature of the vehicle itself. It covers what consumer attorneys should know about automobile title law. It goes on to examine the federal odometer statute, claims applicable to most types of consumer abuse, litigation issues in automobile fraud claims. It also contains several appendices including sample pleadings, discovery, and jury documents.

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    By David Brown. Published by Nolo Press. 2013. 7th ed.

    "Everything you need to fight an unfair ticket! We've all received one -- a traffic ticket that seems completely unfair, the result of an officer's evening quota rather than a serious moving violation. But do you have to pay the penalty and watch your driving record crash and burn?
    Not if you choose to fight back with Beat Your Ticket. Beat Your Ticket simply and clearly lays out the best strategies for beating tickets in court. The book explains in plain English how to:

    - use the law to fight an unwarranted ticket
    - find out what the police officer plans to say at your trial
    - attack radar and other detection methods
    - pick a jury
    - present your case
    - cross-examine the ticketing officer

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    By Janet Traken. Published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 2009.

    This comprehensive guide assists readers in understanding how to represent themselves well in traffic court.

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