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Texas Titles

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    By Paul McClung. Published by James Publishing. 2018.

    This recently revised title has been continually in print for 40 years and contains 650 pre-drafted instructions. Supporting legal analysis is included, along with quotations from statutes, discussion of common law, critiques of wayward decisions, and quick reference charts. This edition contains a new chapter on Criminal Instruments which includes topics relating to wire, oral, or electronic communications; the Property chapter has new data on the crime of online harassment.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Ronald Eades. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2006. 2nd edition.

    "Jury Instructions in Real Estate Litigation, Second Edition, is Professor Eades’ newest title. It is a comprehensive collection of jury instructions related to issues most likely to arise in real estate litigation. This new edition includes hundreds of instructions, each with supporting authority from all 50 states, commentary regarding the use of the instruction, and collateral references such as pertinent law review articles. " - from the publisher

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    By Ronald Eades. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2004. 6th edition.

    This volume provides current instructions on the most recent medical issues. It covers more than 200 medical issues including standards of care, childbirth, patient consent, pre-existing conditions, and allergies. Legal concepts and issues are presented in sample instructions using understandable terms.

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    By Ronald Eades. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2006. 4th edition.

    This updated volume explains the products liability issues likely to arise in a trial in everyday language for the layperson. Each instruction has been actually used successfully in court and cites supporting case law, including relevant law review articles and annotations to American Law Reports. Some concepts discussed include duty to warn, strict products liability, unavoidably unsafe products, warranty liability and misrepresentation, design defect liability, risk-utility doctrines, and assumption of risk.

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    By Broome, Susan. Published by James Publishing. 2012. 2018 edition.

    This book contains sample jury selection questions for 26 different types of civil and criminal cases covering more than 150 distinct topics, including: assault & battery, breach of contract, civil rights violations (1983), domestic violence, employment discrimination, fraud, homicide, medical malpractice, pain and suffering.

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    By Andrew Ferguson. Published by New York University Press. 2012.

    Jury duty these days is looked upon as an inconvenience. Ferguson attempts to remind readers of the constitutional importance of jury duty. This book assists readers in reflecting on the history and personal experiences, reminding readers of their democratic responsibility it is to uphold.

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