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Texas Titles

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    By Cindy Stormer. Published by James Publishing. 2006.

    "Over 560 forms for 16 practice areas, with step-by-step procedures, voice-of-experience tips, answers to common questions, mistakes to avoid, tax considerations, and practice checklists." - from the publisher

General/Federal Titles

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    By Carl Falstrom. Published by American Immigration Lawyers Association. 2011.

    "Running a successful law practice takes a skill you don't learn in law school. To help you succeed, AILA brings you The Entrepreneurial Lawyer: How to Run a Successful Immigration Practice. Used as the handbook for the Solo & Small Practice Conference in Washington, DC, The Entrepreneurial Lawyer provides golden nuggets of advice on key areas you should keep in mind when starting or running your own immigration practice." - from the publisher

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    By Kay Kavanagh. Published by Thomson West. 2007. 1st edition.

    "Excellence in the Workplace: Legal and Life Skills in a Nutshell provides tools and techniques for success on the job and in life to students and lawyers beginning their careers. It progresses from preparing for the first day of work, to work-life balancing. Designed for easy reading and reference by students, the chapters can also be used as teaching modules. The authors: Discuss fundamental lawyering skills such as analysis, research, writing, oral communication, and time management Introduce the characteristics of emotional intelligence, effective interpersonal relationships, models of professionalism, conflict and stress management, and generational differences Offer practical advice for building a successful career, creating a career plan, assessing a job offer, negotiating a salary, managing money, and maintaining a work-life balance." - from the publisher

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    By Karen Thalacker. Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. 2009.

    Law school prepares you to think like a lawyer, write like a lawyer, and research like a lawyer—but once you're in the door of a law firm, there's a whole new set of skills you need. The New Lawyer's Handbook guides you through the 101 essential things you need to know in order to excel.

    From how to handle your clients and how to work with people in your office, to why it pays to learn to play golf and maintain some semblance of a family life even as you make your billables, The New Lawyer's Handbook gives you the knowledge you need to succeed." - from Amazon

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    By Amy Blackwell. Published by Wiley. 2011.

    This book is a practical, hands-on guide to all the basics—from preparing documents for litigation, conducting research, managing a typical law office, and getting certified. It discusses legal concepts and the skills that you will need for this career.

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    By Paul J Zwier. Published by National Institute for Trial Advocacy. 2006. 1st edition.

    "Are you looking for a fresh new take on law firm management and associate training? In this book, law firm management issues, often neglected in law school, are brought to the forefront. Supervisory & Leadership Skills in the Modern Law Practice shows you how to give your staff more effective feedback as well as teaching you the difficult delegation skills we all need to acquire. Paul Zwier recognizes the need for supervisory lawyers to improve staff morale, maintain effective firm organization, and ultimately increase firm profitability and give you the tools to do it." - from the publisher

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    By Pamela Pierson. Published by Thomson West. 2014. 1st.

    "The Business of Being a Lawyer (BBL) is premised on the fact that each of us, as a lawyer, is a business, our own business, whether we work for a law firm, have a solo practice, work in a public interest or government office, or work in a law-related field, we need to know our own balance sheet. What are our assets and liabilities? What are our short-term and long-term business plans? What investments should we make in our business? Viewing ourselves as a business is more imperative than ever given the volatility of the legal economy. This book covers four topics: (1) Economic trends in the legal profession and what these trends mean for law students and practicing lawyers; (2) Personal financial planning basics and how personal financial planning impacts one’s career decisions, (3) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) issues such as recognizing and using one’s strengths, cultivating habits of resilience, and dealing with stress and setbacks, (4) How to be an effective “free agent” throughout one’s career (in light of the fact that the average lawyer now changes jobs seven times in a career). The approach of this book is descriptive, readable and practical, with case studies and specific advice." - from the publisher

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    By Andrew Hartman. Published by National Institute for Trial Advocacy. 2011. 1st edition.

    "Transitioning from law school to law practice can be the most daunting thing you do in your professional career. The Six-Minute Marathon is your survival guide to thriving in BigLaw practice. Andrew Hartman advises the up-and-coming generation of attorneys with humor and practicality. Stories of failed associates and redeeming moments from his twenty-plus years of practice will enlighten you as you venture into the world of law and learn to record your marathon of success in six-minute increments. As a bonus, Caren Ulrich Stacy provides insights from her own nearly twenty year career in professional development. From the initial interview to dressing to impress to networking your way to the top, The Six-Minute Marathon will guide you around the pitfalls that ensnare so many of your unwary colleagues and lead you toward your BigLaw dreams." - from the publisher

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    By Michael L Coyne. Published by National Institute for Trial Advocacy. 2009. 1st edition.

    "Coyne and Furi-Perry have created the essential how-to guide for trial preparation. Paralegals will master every stage of litigation, from initial client interviews to pulling together the trial notebook. The book begins with overviews of the litigation process and the evidence rules. Practical skills for interviewing, handling discovery, preparing exhibits, and more are then introduced and explained with examples. Finally, the book stresses the importance of communication and working well with attorneys, clients, courts, and others." - from the publisher

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    By Michael Coyne. Published by National Institute for Trial Advocacy. 2011. 1st edition.

    "Bridge the gap between theory and practice with this practical guide. Offering tips, advice, and checklists, Trial Prep for the New Advocate gives new attorneys a comprehensive resource for handling case preparation. Understand the pretrial process from initially meeting and interviewing the client to creating a war room and trial notebook. Learn the essentials of preparing and presenting a case with a professional presence and efficient process. This book is divided into three parts--covering a substantive overview of pretrial and trial processes, practical skills for preparation, and advice for developing long-lasting professional relationships with staff, opposing counsel, and the courts. Each chapter includes:

    • Organizational tips
    • Trial prep checklists
    • Tips from experienced trial lawyers and others
    • Key terms
    • Practice exercises and problems" - from the publisher

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