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General/Federal Titles

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    By Thomas Schoenbaum. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 5th ed.

    "Schoenbaum's Admiralty & Maritime Law is a comprehensive guide on the special procedures, rules, jurisdictional questions, and remedies for American and international admiralty and maritime law. In this publication, the author offers:

    Insightful, expert discussion of current practice, analyzing recent cases and developments
    Detailed footnotes supplying additional commentary and citations to leading cases, and updated statutory citations reflecting the recodified admiralty statutes in new sections of Title 46 of the United States Code
    An emphasis on the international character of maritime and shipping law, with examples ranging from the Deepwater Horizon oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico to what liability regime should apply to multimodal transportation of goods in international trade
    Extensive coverage of the treaties, conventions, protocols and instruments of The International Maritime Organization, the United Nations Security Council, and other organizations" - from the publisher

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    By David Schlueter. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2018. 10th edition.

    The military justice system was mandated by Congress and is completely separate from the civilian justice system. It provides the same due process protections but includes unique criminal provisions, procedures and sanctions. This text is designed to lead readers through the maze of procedural and substantive military justice rules, military acronyms and related practices unique to military criminal law, with citations to pertinent case law, statutory and regulatory authority.

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    By Charles A. Shanor and L. Lynn Hogue. Published by Thomson West. 2013. 4th edition.

    "The fourth edition of Military Law in a Nutshell by Charles A. Shanor and L. Lynn Hogue has been thoroughly revised and updated. It is designed to make available to law students and military lawyers a succinct summary of military law and military justice. It has been adapted to serve as a companion to current casebooks in the field, as well as to provide an authoritative resource for those seeking an introduction to the unique aspects of military law and military justice... As in earlier editions, the Nutshell traces the history and development of military law, its sources, the nature of military status, rights of members of the Armed Forces, and provides an exhaustive yet accessible review of the military justice process." - from the publisher

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