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Texas Titles

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    By St. Claire, Frank A. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2012. 2016 edition.

    Texas Real Estate Guide puts at your fingertips more than 540 Texas real estate transaction and litigation forms drawn from the most trusted sources -- Texas Transaction Guide and Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide. Plus, there are step-by-step checklists on virtually all real estate matters to help you master important key issues and avoid costly errors.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Paula A. Franzese. Published by Thomson West. 2012. 2nd ed.

    "This efficient and effective Second Edition takes difficult subject matter and makes it accessible and easy to remember. Professor Paula Franzese, a nationally renowned teacher and scholar, sets forth understandable techniques for mastering estates in land and future interests (including the dreaded rule against perpetuities), concurrent estates, landlord-tenant law, servitudes, land transactions, recording system, zoning, and eminent domain. This expanded edition also includes the top ten themes of property law, the rule of capture, and the law of finders. Learn from this nine-time recipient of the Professor of the Year Award and become a property connoisseur!" - from the publisher

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    By Craig Venezia. Published by Nolo Press. 2009. 2nd ed.

    No summary available yet.

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    By Walter Robillard. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 1997. 7th edition.

    "The Seventh Edition of Clark on Surveying & Boundaries maintains the proven, easy-to-use format of earlier editions while digesting the latest case law, regulations, & statutes. Cited in decision after decision, Clark on Surveying & Boundaries is recognized by surveyors & lawyers as the authoritative reference on surveying & subdividing public lands." - from the publisher

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    By Socrates Media. Published by Nolo Press. 2006.

    No single resource covers the subject of landlording like The Complete Landlording Handbook. Every aspect of this life-changing decision comes under scrutiny by the editors of Socrates Media. The book contains the research, interviews with experienced landlords and investors, analysis,
    * The book has short chapters, bullet points and boxed items so readers can get easy access to information. Every aspect of landlording is covered. * Not only do readers get state-of-the-art information, but they get leasing forms and other useful tools for free on the CD-ROM with each book. *

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    By Janet Portman. Published by Nolo Press. 2013. 3rd ed.

    This book provides a plain English guide to choosing appropriate tenants safely and legally. Nolo provides advice on evaluating rental applications, examining credit reports, and the basics of discrimination.

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    By Marcia Stewart. Published by Nolo Press. 2014. 12th ed.

    This book from Nolo is intended to help landlords with legal issues, including screening tenants, leases, security deposits, sublets, the landlord’s duty to repair, right of entry, and evictions. Also available is a CD-ROM from the 9th edition containing forms

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    By Ronald Leshnower. Published by Nolo Press. 2008. 1st ed.

    Written for owners and managers of residential rental property, Every Landlord's Property Protection Guide identifies and address the most common problems faced by landlords and property managers in every state.

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    By Marcia Stewart. Published by Nolo Press. 2012.

    This book from Nolo is intended to help tenants with legal issues including leases, security deposits, discrimination, inspecting a rental unit, roommates, repairs and maintenance, improvements and alterations, privacy, crime, and ending a tenancy.

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    By Janet Portman. Published by Nolo Press. 2014. 3rd ed.

    This plain English guide teaches property owners their legal obligations as landlords. This book provides practical advice on avoiding problem tenants and handling repairs and property management tasks, as well as information on IRS regulations relevant to landlords and how to qualify for valuable tax deductions. This updated edition also details how to rent out a room via services like Airbnb and includes a sample rental application.

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    By Stephen Elias. Published by Nolo Press. 2013. 4th edition.

    If you're one of the 2 million Americans who are having trouble making your mortgage payments or are already in jeopardy of foreclosure, this guide will give you the practical information you need, including: the ins and outs of foreclosure procedures, with state-by-state information how to decide whether or not you should try to keep your house using bankruptcy to buy time or save your home how to avoid "rescue" scams"

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    By John Nolon. Published by Thomson West. 2006. 1st.

    "Use this compact reference for a condensed study of the subject matter contained in most leading land use casebooks. Text provides coverage of common-law controls, private law devices, planning processes, land development regulation, zoning, and taxation. The last chapter addresses new influencing considerations in land use, such as energy and space." - from the publisher

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    By David Hill. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 5th edition.

    "This comprehensive guide provides expert explanations of the rules that govern the legal relations between landlords and tenants. It describes exceptions to these rules and explores the underlying reasons for them. The text also reviews the creation, duration, and termination of several types of tenancies; terminating leases before expiration; repairs and improvements; transfers; extensions, renewals, and purchase options; rent and security; and insurance and taxes." - from the publisher

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    By William Stoebuck; Dale A. Whitman; Roger A. Cunningham. Published by Thomson West. 2000. 3rd ed.

    "Reliable source on property laws surveys estates in land-;present, future, and concurrent, comparable interests in personalty, landlord and tenant law, and rights against neighbors and other third persons. Also examines easements and profits, running covenants, governmental controls on land use, land contracts, conveyances, titles, and recording systems. Contains footnote citations to leading court decisions for easy location of primary authority." - from the publisher

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    By Marcia Stewart. Published by Nolo Press. 2015. 11th ed.

    This title from Nolo provides plain English information on leases and rental agreements. Chapters cover preparing leases, choosing tenants, getting tenants moved in, and ending a tenancy. Appendices cover topics such as landlord/tenant statutes, rent rules, security deposit rules, and landlord’s access to the property for each state. Also available are several different types of fill-in-the-blank rental forms.

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    By Sheldon F. Kurtz; Cornelius J. Moynihan. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 6th ed.

    "This classic monograph presents a simple, concise and readable text of the history of the English common law scheme of estates in land, including future interests, and the scheme’s importation to the United States. The text specially treats the types of interests a person can hold in land today and the associated legal rules that affect those interests. The text is peppered with many review problems to assist the reader in learning the material in the monograph." - from the publisher

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    By Emily Doskow. Published by Nolo Press. 2014. 8th edition.

    Intended for the non-lawyer, Neighbor Law explains how to find applicable laws and resolve disputes. Some topics include: fences; trees; boundaries; blocked views; noise; water issues; neighborhood businesses; and dangers to children.

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    By Herbert Hovenkamp; Sheldon F. Kurtz; Herbert Hovenkamp. Published by Thomson West. 2005. 6th ed.

    "Hovenkamp and Kurtz’ Principles of Property Law reorganizes cases and statutory law, adds new material, particularly the 'regulatory' aspects of property law, and conforms with modern law school courses in real property. Chapters open with brief outlines of the law encompassed within, providing an overview of rules in that area. This is followed by a series of factually based problems designed to generate thoughts about how these rules could be applied in real-life situations, which in turn is followed by a statement of applicable law and analysis of legal issues raised, plus likely outcomes and current citations of the various laws. References to commentators in the treatise and periodicals are included, and problems cover most areas of interest and complexity pertaining to a given body of law." - from the publisher

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    By Alan Romero. Published by Wiley. 2012.

    This book gives you a better understanding of the important property law concepts and aids in the reading and analysis of cases, statutes, and regulations in plain-English explanations. It can also serve as supplemental reading for anyone preparing for a state bar exam.

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    By Jon W. Bruce. Published by Thomson West. 2009. 6th ed.

    "This work presents a thorough overview of the law of real estate finance. It covers introductory matters, the mortgage market, real estate financing devices, the underlying obligation, mortgaged property, and transfer of both the mortgagor's interest and the mortgagee's interest. In addition, the volume treats rights and obligations after default and before foreclosure, priorities, foreclosure, and financing cooperatives and condominiums. It also addresses reform. Legal principles are stated along with their underlying theories to enhance understanding of the law of real estate finance." - from the publisher

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    By David Goldberg. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 1997.

    This one-volume work provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of real estate transactions. Specific topics include buying, selling, mortgages, restrictive covenants, title, taxes, litigation, insurance, and construction contracts.

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    By Roger Bernhardt; Ann M. Burkhart. Published by Thomson West. 2010. 6th ed.

    "Most of the rules covered in standard real property casebooks are summarized in this concise work. For quick reference the text is divided into three sections. Part One overviews interests in land, such as adverse possession, common-law estates, and concurrent ownership. Part Two covers conveyances through real estate brokers, contract of sale, transfer of title by deed, and mortgages. Part Three concludes with a discussion on miscellaneous property doctrines." - from the publisher

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    By Marcia Stewart. Published by Nolo Press. 2015. 8th ed.

    A plain English guide to finding an apartment, interacting with difficult landlords and/or roommates. This book contains legal and practical information for tenants, including how to negotiate a lease or rental agreement, getting repairs made, and breaking a lease and leaving early

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    By Carolyn Gibson. Published by Nolo Press. 2008.

    A guide for individuals who own or manage residential rental income properties outlining the basics of evicting a tenant. This book details creating preventative methods and developing systems to document and conduct an eviction case from initiation through the court process.

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    By Christopher Serkin. Published by Thomson West. 2013.

    "The book supports and supplements a student's understanding of property and its role in the law school curriculum. The text provides a firm foundation for doctrinal analysis, with an emphasis on those important concepts that illuminate the doctrine. The book therefore explores important insights from law and economics, philosophy, and history, helping students develop fluency in both the form and substance of mainstream arguments from these various perspectives. The book is organized around three main themes: acquiring property, dividing property, and limiting rights in property. It can be used in conjunction with any of the leading property casebooks." - from the publisher

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    By Herbert Hovenkamp; Sheldon F. Kurtz; Thomas P. Gallanis. Published by Thomson West. 2014. 6th ed.

    "This title is a comprehensive, one-volume introduction to the modern law of real property. Each chapter begins with an overview of rules and concepts, followed by a series of problems and exercises designed to demonstrate how the rules and concepts apply in real situations. Each problem is followed by a comprehensive analysis of the legal issues raised, including citations of the relevant cases and statutes. This edition has been fully updated to reflect current developments." - from the publisher

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    By Robert Beck. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2009. 3rd edition.

    "Primarily national in scope, but with interstate, state-specific and international coverage, this treatise contains in-depth information on legal issues involving water rights, water usage and water quality." - from the publisher

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