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General/Federal Titles

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    By Sherri Burr. Published by Thomson West. 2014. 1st ed.

    This book uses colorful characters to explain money management in a simplified, yet humorous manner.

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    By Charles Meyer. Published by Thomson West. 2013. 5th ed.

    "This product provides a well-rounded summary of the relevant accounting areas from basic financial statements to complex earnings-per-share ratios and corporate finance and valuation. Learn how to recognize revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The text reviews accounting principles for many different areas, including investments, long-term debt, leases, stocks, and partnerships. It also discusses recent developments such as expanded use of fair values in financial statements and guidance on how to determine fair value, accounting for service agreements in securitizations, and revised rules on accounting for acquisitions." - from the publisher

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    By William Lovett. Published by Thomson West. 2014. 8th.

    This reference guide provides coverage of recent developments in banking and financial institutions law and policy. Per the publisher, it covers subjects such as "increased competition, deregulation, bank and thrift failures, large-scale bailout, and restructuring efforts. Unresolved challenges include budget stimulus, deficits, and renewed supervision by regulators."

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    By Henry Bailey. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 1997. 8th edition.

    "Brady on Bank Checks and Funds Transfers provides comprehensive commentary and guidance to bankers and practitioners concerned with the complexities of Uniform Commercial Code Articles 3, 4, and 4A as they relate to bank checks and funds transfers. This authoritative treatise addresses the issue, transfer, collection, and payment of checks; the return of unpaid checks; substitute checks; electronic checks; electronic funds transfers; and forgeries and alterations. The legal analysis is supported with numerous citations to the most recent and relevant statutes, regulations, and cases -- resulting in an incomparable resource for all your practical questions or legal research involving bank checks and funds transfers." - from the publisher

    View the table of contents for this multi-volume set.

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    By Jonathan Sheldon. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2014. 3rd edition.

    This title covers consumer defenses to collection lawsuits on credit card, medical, and other debts. It provides information on defending a collection lawsuit including statutes of limitations, choice of law, elements of the collector's causes of action and Consumer and class counterclaims. It also provides specifc steps to take after judgment for the collector or consumer.

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    By Lauren Saunders. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2013. 5th edition.

    This text provides information on credit, debit & stored value cards, checks, money orders, e-sign, electronic banking and benefit payments.

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2015. 2nd Ed.

    "This treatise examines federal and state restrictions on consumer credit transactions, and federal preemption of the state restrictions. It focuses on interest rates, fees, third-party charges, rebates of unearned interest, late charges and other credit terms for non-mortgage credit. Other NCLC treatises detail limits on creditor remedies where a consumer defaults on a credit obligation—debt collection, collection lawsuits, repossessions, credit reporting, and garnishment. This treatise focuses on the origination of the credit obligation and its terms.

    Consumer Credit Regulation Part I analyzes issues of general applicability, including a survey of applicable legal claims, an analysis of what state law applies and federal preemption, an examination of interest, the basics of credit math, credit insurance, and litigation issues. Part II focuses on particular forms of consumer credit:
    • Credit cards;
    • Payday loans and credit union small loans;
    • Installment loans not involving sales of goods or services;
    • Automobile sales financing;
    • Manufactured home sales financing;
    • Other installment sales;
    • Auto title pawns;
    • Rent to own transactions;
    • “Sales” of future income streams;
    • Refund anticipation loans."
    from the publisher

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    By Jeffrey Haas. Published by Thomson West. 1st edition.

    "This Hornbook is an indispensable resource for both legal practitioners focusing on business and finance as well as students taking classes in business associations, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. The book expertly lays out the fundamentals of corporate finance from a legal and business perspective in a manageable, user-friendly manner. The author highlights how accounting, finance and corporate law intersect and operate synergistically. The book provides an in-depth analysis of how the law affects both equity securities (common stock and preferred stock) and debt securities (bonds, debentures and notes), as well as a company’s capital structure generally." - from the publisher

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    By Jeffrey Haas. Published by Thomson West. 2010. 2nd edition.

    "This up-to-date and comprehensive title covers the entire field of corporate finance, including the recent changes stemming from the Dodd-Frank Act. In addition to discussing accounting and valuation concepts, it provides extensive coverage of the legal and financial underpinnings of debt securities, preferred and common stock, and derivative instruments (options, forward contracts, futures contracts and swap contracts). It also provides sample valuation problems, answers, and explanations. Written in “plain-English,” you will find the work particularly useful, with or without any business background." - from the publisher

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    By Alys Cohen. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2013. 6th edition.

    This title provides an overview of federal law which prohibits not only intentional discrimination, but also practices that have a disparate impact on protected groups. Important statutes examined include the ECOA, Fair Housing, Civil Rights, and Community Reinvestment Acts, and state discrimination laws.

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    By John K. McNulty and Daniel J. Lathrope. Published by Thomson West. 2012. 8th edition.

    "How and when is income taxable? To whom is it taxable? This Nutshell summarizes U.S. federal income tax law, defines income, and identifies the different types of deductions. It explains statutory inclusion and exclusion from gross income, profit-related deductions, mixed deductions, personal deductions, and other allowances. It also inquires into the policy and purposes of, and alternatives to, existing legal rules." - from the publisher

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    By Martha Maeda. Published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 2009.

    This title covers everything you need to know about paying back student loans and being debt free, including grace periods, deferment, forbearance, interest rates, co-signors, exit counseling, prepayment, discharges, cancellation, default, and more.

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    By Michael Malloy. Published by Thomson West. 2011. 3rd edition.

    "Examines depository institution regulation, and how federal statutes governing banking have been subject to constant amendment in recent years, especially since the meltdown of the mortgage market and the worldwide crisis that followed. Discusses the growing overlap in competition among depository institutions, insurance companies, and securities firms that has further complicated regulatory policy. Also discussed: the regulated environment of banking, entry rules, branching, control transactions, transactional rules, holding company activities, securities regulation, resolution of institution failures, international banking, and bank regulation and social policy." - from

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    By David Epstein; Steve Nickles. Published by Thomson West. 2007. 1st edition.

    "This book focuses on the material covered in a typical law school course on bankruptcy. It covers both business and consumer bankruptcy, explains basic bankruptcy concepts, and uses those concepts to make code provisions understandable." - from the publisher

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    By James White; Robert S. Summers. Published by Thomson West. 2008. 5th ed.

    "Provides law students with an in-depth introduction to the UCC without burdening them with unnecessary detail. Citations have been used to enable the reader to understand the kinds of cases that might be presented under particular provisions of the Code." - from the publisher

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    By Thomas Hazen. Published by Thomson West. 2009. 3rd ed.

    "Hazen's Principles of Securities Regulation provides authoritative coverage of the most recent developments in securities regulation in an accessible format. Topics include: The registration process, Exemptions, Corporate recapitalizations, reorganizations, and mergers, Market manipulation, Liabilities Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Jurisdictional aspects, Broker-dealer regulation, and the new Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Regulation of investment companies" - from the publisher

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    By Jon W. Bruce. Published by Thomson West. 2009. 6th ed.

    "This work presents a thorough overview of the law of real estate finance. It covers introductory matters, the mortgage market, real estate financing devices, the underlying obligation, mortgaged property, and transfer of both the mortgagor's interest and the mortgagee's interest. In addition, the volume treats rights and obligations after default and before foreclosure, priorities, foreclosure, and financing cooperatives and condominiums. It also addresses reform. Legal principles are stated along with their underlying theories to enhance understanding of the law of real estate finance." - from the publisher

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    By Grant S. Nelson; Dale A. Whitman; Ann M. Burkhart; R. Wilson Freyermuth. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 6th ed.

    "This treatise provides current, expert coverage on the law of mortgages, including the mortgagor-mortgagee relationship prior to foreclosure; mortgage substitutes; transfers by the mortgagor; transfers by the mortgagee; payment and prepayment; the foreclosure process; deficiency judgments and anti-deficiency regulation; priority issues; governmental intervention in the mortgage market; and financing real estate construction." - from the publisher

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2017. 9th edition.

    This work is a useful overview of the laws surrounding repossessions for both practitioners and laypersons. Covering the repossession of motor vehicles, mobile homes, and household goods, it addresses the Uniform Commercial Code provisions common to every state as well as laws specific to states. It includes a companion website which provides sample forms and the text of relevant statutes. Access to the companion website is available from the National Consumer Law Center database, available at

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    By Kevin Urbatsch. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 7th ed.

    "Special Needs Trusts shows you how to leave any amount of money to your disabled loved one -- without jeopardizing government benefits. It provides plain-English information and forms that let you create a special needs trust by modifying your will or living trust document." - from the publisher

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    By Deanne Loonin. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2015, 2017. 5th edition.

    This title is a thorough treatment of student loans and the applicable laws. The authors explain the entire process, from obtaining a loan to deferment to default and collection. Appendices contain sample forms, letters and requests.

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    By Teri B. Clark. Published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 2007.

    "This new book, written in easy-to-understand terminology, will guide you on the way to financial security for you and your family. You will learn the personal financial basics of budgeting; insurance; marriage, single, and divorce financial solutions; health care possibilities; retirement planning and saving; wills and estate planning; managing and eliminating debt; solving your credit score and credit issues; and home ownership." - from the publisher

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    By Diane Thompson. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2012. 8th edition.

    This thorough guide to Truth in Lending (TIL) provides up to date information on the latest regulations. Some topics explored include rescission rights, Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), closed-end, variable rate, and home equity loan disclosure rules, Credit CARD Act and FRB rules on credit cards, and Consumer Leasing Act disclosure requirements and auto lease early termination charges.

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