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Texas Titles

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    By Sterling Steves. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2006. 5th edition.

    A complete reference designed for readers working in the construction industry as well as practitioners who are working with the lien laws for public and private construction projects. Topics covered include notice, limitation, and attorney’s fees. The book also discusses recent bankruptcy cases that deal with Chapter 53 of the Property Code. Also included are forms designed to be used throughout the entire lien process as well as timetables with information on when to file liens and send notice. Included is a CD-ROM with updated information.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Gail Kelley. Published by Wiley. 2012.

    A comprehensive source of basic legal information created for professionals in the design and construction field. A general overview of the common legal issues that arise in areas such as contracts, exposure to liability, project planning, and dispute resolution.

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    By Donald E. Campbell. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 1st ed.

    "This book provides a comprehensive survey of the major legal issues that arise in the course of a construction project. The structure of the book first focuses on the major participants on a project and the relationships and interests of each of participant. It then shifts to chapters on recurring themes in construction law such as the economic loss rule, calculation of damages, and defective construction. While making the concepts accessible for any reader, the book provides a logical structure for those teaching construction law to use as either the primary or supplemental reading for the course." - from the publisher

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    By Stephen Fishman. Published by Nolo Press. 2017. 9th edition.

    "With Working With Independent Contractors, you'll learn how to: determine whether you can classify workers as independent contractors, create valid contracts, avoid government penalties, handle the IRS, and more." - from the publisher

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