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Resources Available at the Library
Garner on language and writing : selected essays and speeches of Bryan A. Garner
by Bryan A. Garner. American Bar Association. 2009.
Call number: KF 250 G376
Grammar and writing handbook for lawyers
by Lenne Espenschied. American Bar Association. 2011.
Call number: KF 250 E84
Lawyer's essential guide to writing: proven tools and techniques
by Marie P. Buckley. American Bar Association. 2011.
Call number: KF 250 B83
Preparing legal documents nonlawyers can read and understand
by Wayne Schiess. American Bar Association. 2008.
Call number: KF 250 S34
Typography for lawyers
by Matthew Butterick. Jones McClure. 2010.
Call number: REF DESK KF 250 B88
Legal writing for the rewired brain
by Robert Dubose. Texas Lawyer Press. 2010.
Call number: KF 250 D83
Point made: how to write like the nation's top advocates
by Ross Guberman. Oxford University Press. 2011.
Call number: KF 251 G83
Writing for litigation
by Kamela Bridges. Wolters Kluwer. 2011.
Call number: KF 250 B75
Writing shorter legal documents: strategies for faster and better editing
by Sandra Oster. American Bar Association. 2011.
Call number: KF 250 O84
Advanced legal drafting for Texas paralegals
by R. Kyle Hawes. National Business Institute. 2003.
Call number: KFT 250 H3
A history of American law
by Lawrence Friedman. Sage Publications. 2005.
Call number: KF 352 F7

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