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Texas KeyRules
by ThomsonWest. Thomson West. 2009.
Call number: REF DESK KFT 8820 T46
Boundaries of her body: the troubling history of women's rights in America
by Debran Rowland. Sphinx Publishing. 2004.
Call number: KF 478 R69
Civil actions against state and local government, its divisions, agencies, and officers
by West Group. Thomson West. 1992.
Call number: KF 1322 C5
Civil legal assistance for all Americans e-book icon image
by Jeanne Charn. Harvard Law School. 2005.
Call number: KF 8841 C5
Civil rights and civil liberties litigation: the law of section 1983
by Sheldon H. Nahmod. Thomson West. 1997.
Call number: KF 1325 C58 N3
Civil rights litigation : representing plaintiffs today
by Rebecca Taylor. American Bar Association. 2013.
Call number: KF 4750 T37
Collateral consequences of criminal convictions : law policy and practice
by Margaret Love. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. 2013.
Call number: KF 390 E87 L685
Constitutional law : civil liberty and individual rights
by William Cohen. Thomson West. 2007.
Call number: KF 4748 C64
De facto disenfranchisement
by Erika Wood. Brennan Center for Justice. 2008.
Call number: KF 4891 W67
Disabilities and the law
by Laura F. Rothstein. Thomson West. 2009.
Call number: KF 480 R67
Disability, civil rights law, and policy
by Peter David Blanck. Thomson West. 2004.
Call number: KF 480 D57
Federal civil rights acts
by Rodney A. Smolla. Thomson West. 2011.
Call number: KF 4750 A5
Hate crimes law
by Zachary Wolfe. Thomson West. 2009.
Call number: KF 4749 W65
Injunctive relief: temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions
by Kirstin Stoll-DeBell. American Bar Association. 2009.
Call number: KF 9014 S76
Manual on employment discrimination law and civil rights actions in the federal courts Legal forms icon
by Charles Richey. Thomson West. 1994.
Call number: KF 3464 R51
Restoring the right to vote e-book icon image
by Erika Wood. Brennan Center for Justice. 2008.
Call number: KF 4891 W66
Rights of women: the authoritative ACLU guide to women's rights
by Lenora M. Lapidus. New York University Press. 2009.
Call number: KF 478 L37
Section 1983 litigation forms
by John Witt, Edward Hanlon, Stephen M. Ryals. Wiley. 2016.
Call number: KF 1325 C58 W57
Section 1983 litigation in a nutshell
by Michael G. Collins. Thomson West. 2006.
Call number: KF 1325 C58 C65
Section 1983 litigation. Federal evidence
by Martin Schwartz. Wolters Kluwer. 2012.
Call number: KF 1325 C58 S3 5TH
Smolla and Nimmer on freedom of speech
by Rodney A.Smolla. Thomson West. 1996.
Call number: KF 4772 N54
State and local government civil rights liability
by Ivan E. Bodensteiner; Rosalie Berger Levinson. Thomson West. 1987.
Call number: KF 1325 C58 B6
Thinking about terrorism
by Michael E. Tigar. American Bar Association. 2007.
Call number: KF 9430 T54
Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act
by William Goren. American Bar Association. 2010.
Call number: KF 480 G67

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