Recommended Titles and Treatises

An introduction to Texas post-conviction habeas corpus (pursuant to article 11.07, et seq., C.Cr.P.): for lay people & others who never thought they'd care e-book icon image
by John Jasuta. Texas Independent Bar Association. 2004.
Call number: KFT 9690 J37
Convicting the innocent: Texas justice derailed e-book icon image
by Justice Project. Justice Project (Washington, D.C.). 2009.
Call number: KF 9756 C66
Legal guide for cancer patients
by Texas Young Lawyers Association. Texas Young Lawyers Association. 2006.
Call number: KFT 3803 C3 T4 2006
A jailhouse lawyer's manual Legal forms icon
by Zachary Weintraub. Columbia Human Rights Law Review. 2011.
Call number: KF 9732 J3
Achieving justice: freeing the innocent, convicting the guilty
by American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section. American Bar Association. 2006.
Call number: KF 9756 A24
Actual innocence: when justice goes wrong and how to make it right
by Jim Dwyer. New American Library. 2003.
Call number: KF 9756 S34
Constitutional rights of prisoners CD icon
by John Palmer. Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2010.
Call number: KF 9731 P35
Innocent: inside wrongful conviction cases
by Scott Christianson. New York University Press. 2004.
Call number: KF 9756 C49
Performance based standards for adult probation and parole field services
by American Correctional Association. American Correctional Association. 2010.
Call number: KF 9750 A95
Prison grievances : when to write, how to write
by Terri LeClercq. Captive Audience Publishing. 2013.
Call number: REF DESK KFT 9731 Z9 L43
Relief from the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction: a state-by-state resource guide
by Margaret Love. W. S. Hein. 2006.
Call number: KF 390 E87 L68
Rights of prisoners
by Michael Mushlin. Thomson West. 2009.
Call number: KF 9732 G6
The criminal records book: the complete guide to the legal use of criminal records Legal forms icon
by Derek Hinton. Facts on Demand Press. 2002.
Call number: KF 9751 H56
The mentally disordered inmate and the law
by Fred Cohen. Civic Research Institute. 2008.
Call number: KF 9731 C64
The report of the Constitution Project's Task Force on Detainee Treatment e-book icon image
by Constitution Project (Georgetown Public Policy Institute). Constitution Project. 2013.
Call number: KF 9731 C66

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