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Texas foreclosure manual

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by William Locke. State Bar of Texas. 3rd edition. 2014.
2 volumes. Looseleaf.

Now in its third edition, the Texas Foreclose Manual has been expanded to two volumes and contains twenty-two new chapters. It was written for practitioners representing either the borrower or the lender as well as experts in the real estate field and provides forms and instructions for the entire foreclosure process. New chapters include preforeclosure title concerns, borrower challenges to foreclosure and lender responses, consequences of wrongful foreclosure, the commercial foreclosure process, and reverse mortgage foreclosure. The set also has an appendix entitled “Texas County Foreclosure Resources” which includes information on the designated sale sites, appraisal district web site, and the county web site for each county. Additional information is supplied on some counties such designated sale site on holidays, locations for filing and posting notices, and person responsible for posting.

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