Recommended Titles and Treatises

Search and seizure: a treatise on the Fourth Amendment

by Wayne LaFave. Thomson West. 5th edition. 2012.
6 volumes.

Now in its 5th edition, LaFave continues to be the “go to” source for guidance on the interpretation and application of Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. Volume 1 covers the exclusionary rule and other remedies and protected areas and interests. Volume 2 covers probable cause, and search warrants. Volume 3 covers seizure and search of persons and personal effects, entry and search of premises and search and seizure of vehicles. Volume 4 covers consent searches and stop and frisk and similar lesser intrusions. Volume 5 covers inspections and regulatory searches and Volume 6 includes coverage of the administration of the exclusionary rule and tables of cases, statutes and rules, secondary authority and the index.

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