Recommended Titles and Treatises

Data breach and encryption handbook

by Lucy Thomson. American Bar Association. 2011.
328 pages.

With so many recently reported incidents of data breaches, "cyberattacks" on businesses as well as government agencies, and the use of encryption to secure confidential data, this book serves as a great explanation of data security. First the authors look at data breach risks--what type of information is vulnerable and why--and the potential liability and damages stemming from data breaches. The authors then take a case study approach by analyzing the anatomy of specific data breaches (Hannaford and TJX, among other private entities). Data security legislation--both state and federal--is discussed before the authors focus on the technology behind data security and encryption. Included are discussions on current encryption technologies and best practices, password vulnerabilities, cryptographic keys, and self-encrypting hard drives. Recommended for IT professionals, litigants working with the tech industry, and any business professional who needs to safeguard business data.

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