Recommended Titles and Treatises

From sprawl to sustainability: smart growth, new urbanism, green development, and renewable energy

by Robert H. Freilich. American Bar Association. 2nd edition. 2010.
368 pages.

A great resource for city planners, land use lawyers, and other public officials, this title is divided into four parts: sprawl and the need for sustainable growth policies (looking at the problems brought on by sprawl, the need for good policies, and The Ramapo Plan); state and regional sustainability solutions (with specifics on California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Florida, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and other locations); new urbanism and green development (form-based codes, LEED, green building benefits, and renewable energy); and geographical and locational tier solutions (working within already urbanized areas, city-county urbanizing, and agricultural/rural areas). Also includes a list of relevant cases and a bibliography.

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