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American law of zoning

by Patricia Salkin. Thomson West. 5th edition. 2008.
5 volumes.

The fifth edition of this five volume set provides a complete overview of zoning laws in America. The first volume looks at the history of zoning and provides an introduction to this area of law. Specific topics covered in volume one include standard city planning enabling act, standard state zoning enabling act, ABA Model Land Development code, interjurisdictional dynamics, and stakeholders. Chapter 9 (volume 1) to 17 (volume 2) covers types of zoning regulations including variances, nonconforming uses, and eminent domain. Volume three covers regulation of specific uses including mobile home parks, religious uses, and historic preservation. Volumes four and five cover a wide range of topics including growth controls, moratoria, environmental law, administration, and judicial review for several topics.

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