Recommended Titles and Treatises

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: from legislation to implementation to litigation

by Susan Berson. American Bar Association. 2012.
309 pages.

Written by two noted banking and tax lawyers, this book will serve as a practical guide to help attorneys who represent clients in the financial services industry, and financial industry professionals untangle the complexities of the most noteworthy provisions of this far-reaching law, and the myriad of regulations that have been issued so far in response to this law. Divided into eight parts, each section represents a financial services sector where the book addresses the factual and regulatory background behind the pertinent Dodd-Frank provisions, the known changes in federal law caused by Dodd-Frank, and any upcoming deadlines for new regulations that will implement the statutes. In addition, the book features practical advice on steps that should be taken by financial services companies to prepare for the statutory and regulatory changes. If your business, or your client's business is touched by Dodd-Frank, this is your essential resource to understanding the complexities, background, and future of this new legislation - From the publisher

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