Recommended Titles and Treatises

Scientific evidence review: admissibility and use of expert evidence in the courtroom

by Cynthia Cwik. American Bar Association. 2013.
500 pages.

This volume begins with a brief overview of the United States Supreme Court decisions on the admissibility of expert evidence. The “Daubert trilogy” cases are discussed as well as more recent developments. Subsequent chapters are devoted to each federal circuit. For example, Chapter Five is entitled “Expert Evidence in the Fifth Circuit.” A Texas attorney provides an overview of the Fifth Circuit’s interpretation in general, followed by sections devoted to the federal courts in each state in the circuit. The author then compares the federal rules with each state’s rules of evidence. The reader then has an overview of the region’s handling of expert evidence. A final chapter looks at how the 2009 report on forensic sciences by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Science has impacted this area of law.

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