Recommended Titles and Treatises

Market power handbook: competition law and economic foundations

American Bar Association. Section of Antitrust Law. American Bar Association. 2nd edition. 2012.
199 pages.

The Handbook begins with the definition of market power and an introduction to the role market power plays in plays in cases brought under the principal antitrust statutes. Following chapters discuss the fundamental economic doctrines related to market power, the role of market power in market definition, and the measurement and interpretation of market shares and market concentration. The Handbook concludes with chapters discussing the characteristics of markets (such as differentiated products and barriers to entry) that affect the ability of firms to attain or exercise market power. Included in the Handbook are extensive discussions of issues such as the determination of whether market power exists in narrow product markets (often referred to as "submarkets"), the use of market power screens, "lock in" as a source of market power, and the analysis of market power in network markets. - From the publisher

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