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Handbook on questioning children : a linguistic perspective

by Anne Walker. American Bar Association. 3rd edition. 2013.
157 pages.

The authors believe that children involved in court proceedings need to clearly understand what is being asked of them and they have the right to be clearly understood. Language can get in the way of communication between adults. Communicating with children presents additional linguistic challenges. Questioning children demands a great deal of patience and an understanding of the communication issues presented by a child’s developmental stage and their individual facility with language. This 3rd edition of the Handbook on Questioning Children reflects new research findings and additional years of practical experience interviewing children. There are numerous tips on how to phrase effective questions and words to avoid or use with caution. Just as important as the questions you ask, is actively listening to the child’s responses. Often follow up questions are needed to ensure the child is able to credibly communicate to the court what he has experienced. Numerous appendices and research references provide additional value to this important book.

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