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Texas punishment 2013-2014: a source book for defense lawyers

by Keith Hampton. Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. 5th edition. 2013.
1 volume.

What first began as a seminar paper by the author has now turned into an invaluable reference source on punishments for criminal offenses in Texas. This title is divided into five parts. It begins by providing a general overview of the types of punishments set out by state law. It then looks at unseen consequences of a conviction, such as parole eligibility, deportation, firearm possession, civil rights, and the ability to hold a professional license. The third part focuses on drug crimes and their consequences. The author then provides a detailed chart of drug offenses and a look at the penalty groups for each controlled substance. It then ends with a list of all of the amendments to Section 42.12 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, "Community Supervision."

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