Recommended Titles and Treatises

Franchising : cases, materials, and problems.

by Alexander Meiklejohn. American Bar Association. 2013.
907 pages.

Franchising Cases, Materials, & Problems is designed for use in a franchise law course. The introduction and the chapter on the history of franchising offer broad perspectives on the material that later chapters explore in greater depth. A teacher who wishes to emphasize the role of intellectual property concepts in franchise law can assign the chapters on trademarks, trade secrets, and copyright in full as well as parts of other chapters. A teacher who prefers to emphasize the regulatory aspects of franchise law can assign the chapters on disclosure and relationship laws in full, supplemented by parts of other chapters. Together, the chapters on regulation raise provocative questions concerning American federalism. The chapter on other types of business relationships highlights both the difficulty of defining the legal term franchise" with precision and the remarkable variety of business relationships that franchise laws may govern. - From the publisher

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