Recommended Titles and Treatises

Collateral issues in franchising : beyond registration and disclosure

by Kenneth Costello. American Bar Association. 2014.
412 pages.

"In addition to counseling their clients on disclosure, registration and other basic franchising concepts, franchise attorneys must handle a wide variety of "collateral," but essential, areas of law on a daily basis. These can range from Internet communications to advertising programs to supply chain issues. In this book, each chapter addresses a particular category of concerns and offers insightful analysis of important aspects of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. Topics include social media, search-engine optimization and other Internet concerns; franchise sales relationships; third-party financing; the franchisor's corporate and business structure and intellectual property; real-estate issues such as zoning, permits, building code compliance, signs, environmental issues and due diligence, and real estate financing; regulation of advertising and telemarketing; and supply chain management and logistics; among others." - from the publisher

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