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Joint ventures: antitrust analysis of collaborations among competitors

by ABA Section of Antitrust Law. American Bar Association. 2nd edition. 2014.
190 pages.

Joint Ventures: Antitrust Analysis of Collaborations Among Competitors is the second edition of the Section's handbook on the antitrust analysis of the formation and conduct of joint ventures. In addition to updating case law with the Supreme Court's American Needle decision and other important developments, the book adds new chapters on intellectual property, international joint ventures, and counseling joint ventures. The handbook takes into account relevant statutory and case law as well as government guidelines and enforcement practices to provide guidance to litigants, judges, and counselors. Since the first handbook was published, joint ventures have only increased in prevalence and prominence in the global economy. Thus, those considering or challenging joint-venture conduct must carefully consider antitrust principles governing various structures and types of conduct. This handbook provides thorough yet practical tools to assist practitioners in identifying and addressing antitrust issues that arise with joint ventures. - From the publisher

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