Recommended Titles and Treatises

Strategies for creditors in bankruptcy proceedings

by Lynn M. LoPucki. Aspen. 5th edition. 2007.

This publication is a guide to the options available to a creditor of a person or business considering or in bankruptcy. The information is presented in plain English and geared to the general practitioner. A chapter is devoted to the representation of each of three types of claimants-- unsecured creditors, secured creditors, and lessors-- in each if four situations: (1) the period before the filing of a bankruptcy case; (2) cases under chapter 7; (3) cases under chapter 11; and (4) cases under chapter 13. This arrangement enables the user to easily locate and read the chapter applicable to their situation. Once the reader has an idea of the avenues available, he or she can chose a plan of action and consult a bankruptcy procedural guide to put the plan into effect.

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