Recommended Titles and Treatises

The law of seamen

by Robert Force. Thomson West. 5th edition. 2003.
3 volumes. Looseleaf.

This book provides coverage of maritime law governing rights and obligations of merchant seamen, including statutes, rules, and case law. It covers jurisdiction, definitions, duties of American consuls, relation of foreign counsels to seamen, maritime administrative law, shipping articles, log books, desertion, crew salvage, criminal offenses, loss of clothing and personal effects, wages, change of rating, fine and forfeitures, deductions and set-offs, improper discharge, transportation and repatriation, the wreck statute, maritime liens, punishment, false imprisonment, seamen’s releases, duties of mater and crew, maintenance and cure, seaworthiness, suits against the government, the Death on the High Seas and Jones Acts, products liability, and practice and procedure.

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