June 2013

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Citator Services: Shepard’s Online and Westlaw's KeyCite

June 3, 2013


When researching a case, often the first step is using a citator service to find the complete history of the case and any primary or secondary sources that reference it. We no longer carry Shepard’s Citations in print, but Shepard’s Online and Westlaw’s KeyCite are available on the library's computers. Both services can be used to generate thorough reports of prior and subsequent history, citing references, and research references for a given case or statute. If you are not able to visit the li…

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Texas Jurisprudence

June 10, 2013


When researching a legal topic, we often suggest that folks begin with a legal encyclopedia such as Texas Jurisprudence. This encyclopedia set covers most of the legal topics that attorneys, judges, and pro se litigants are interested in. It is a valuable tool that helps rephrase Texas law in a more understandable style and refers you to relevant statutes, case law, and other legal resources. There are a few ways to locate information in Texas Jurisprudence. We usually recommend…

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Legislative Recaps of the 83rd Regular Session

June 17, 2013


The Texas Legislature's 83rd Regular Session ended on May 27th, 2013. Over 1,400 bills were passed by the Legislature and sent to Governor Perry's desk. Because so many bills were passed, it can be very difficult for the public to sift through each new law. To help, we have put together a list of various legislative recaps of the 83rd session. These are summaries of what the Texas Legislature accomplished and were written by news organizations, state agencies, professional organizations, and in…

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You Will Be a Credible Witness DVD Series

June 24, 2013


Attorneys know the importance of preparation for litigation and trial for a successful outcome. Equally important, and often more difficult, is preparing the client or a witness for their role in litigation. The Texas State Law Library has 2 DVDs that can help. Witness Preparation for Depositions and Witness Preparation for Trial were produced by the American Bar Association. These presentations provide an overview of what to expect in each setting and detailed instructions on how to provide suc…

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