December 2013

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Bloomberg BNA Reporters

December 2, 2013


Keeping up to date with current law can be challenging, but topic-specific reporters from Bloomberg BNA can help you quickly find relevant cases. The library offers access to reporters on criminal law, employment discrimination, and family law. These databases provide reporting on significant cases from all court levels nationwide. Also included is analysis and supplementary material, such as Justice Department actions and proposals (criminal law), briefs from the EEOC (employment discrimination…

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State of the Judiciary Messages

December 16, 2013


Each biennium since 1979, the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court has prepared a state of the judiciary message. This message, mandated by Texas Government Code § 21.004, is usually delivered as a speech given to a joint session of the Texas Legislature. As per the statutory language, the message must address the “accessibility of the courts to the citizens of the state and the future directions and needs of the courts of the state.” The library has made the text of these messages availabl…

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