May 2014

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Texas Probate System

May 12, 2014


Recently received at the Texas State Law Library and now in its fourth edition, Texas Probate System has been expanded to 2 volumes and centers on the new Texas Estates Code, which superseded the Texas Probate Code on January 1, 2014. This title provides a thorough, step-by-step overview of probate law from an initial consultation with a client to the estate closing by providing the necessary forms, letters, instructions, worksheets, checklists, and a list of significant dates to keep in mind. A…

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Abandoned Property: A Legal Research Guide

May 26, 2014


The Texas State Law Library reference librarians created legal research guides for specific areas of the law. These guides contain resources that can help you research a legal issue. The library's guide on abandoned property provides links to relevant laws and books on lost or abandoned property. The state and federal laws discuss what to do with property that appears abandoned, including real and personal property, abandoned motor vehicles, as well as archeological artifacts and abandoned ship…

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