Termination of parental rights: a legal research guide

June 20, 2016


Our reference librarians have created many legal research guides for specific areas of the law. Our guide on Termination of Parental Rights aims to help families understand the complex topic of termination of parental rights. When this process is voluntary, it is often referred to as “relinquishment.” A court can also order the termination of rights, which is involuntary. Termination of rights is also a necessary step before the child can be adopted by another parent. All of these procedures are complex.

The guide includes links to Texas laws dealing with this topic as well as resources written in “plain English.” We highlight useful e-books, articles, and other digital resources that you can view from home (some of which require a library account) such as:

  • Texas Paternity: Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] — Created by the Partnership for Legal Access, this brochure provides basic information about paternity law. It includes discussion of termination based on mistaken paternity.
  • Texas Family Law Practice and Procedure [e-book]  — This multivolume set of e-books has instructions and drafting guides to assist with relinquishment of parental rights as well as step-parent adoption. Note: this is a complex procedure and speaking with an attorney is highly recommended.
  • Terminating Paternity — This page on Texas Law Help includes instructions and forms for Terminating the Parent-Child Relationship Based on Mistaken Paternity

If you have a question or would like more information about any of our legal research guides, please feel free to contact us.


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