Animal Law: A Legal Research Guide

August 1, 2016


Do you have a question about the law and your pet, your service animal, your livestock, or even wild animals or wild game? We often receive questions from Texans about animals and the law, and so the reference librarians put together a legal research guide on Animal Law to help you locate and understand the law.

Our Animal Law research guide provides information related to the following:

  • Pets and Service Animals — Includes information about dangerous dogs, rabies vaccinations, sterilization requirements, licensed dog and cat breeders, and service animals. For example, see “Rights and
    Responsibilities of People Using Service Animals”
    from the Texas Workforce Commission.
  • Wild Animals — Includes information about wildlife and laws that allow counties to prohibit and/or regulate wild animals and laws dealing with the registration of certain dangerous wild animals.
  • Wild Game — Includes information from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. regarding the hunting of wild game.
  • Livestock — Includes information about “open range” or “free range” versus “closed range” counties as well as information on horse racing.

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