May 2017

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Legal Assistance Organizations

May 8, 2017


The State Law Library is dedicated to helping locate information that can assist in answering your legal questions. However, there are many situations where an attorney's advice is still needed. To assist you, we have recently updated our list of Legal Assistance Organizations to make it easier to locate the group that best fits your needs. The organizations highlighted here provide informational videos, free legal publications, self-help guides, legal information, and legal aid assistance to p…

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Legal Writing

May 22, 2017


The State Law Library has created a new research guide to help you draft legal documents that are clear, appropriate to their audience and purpose, and cited properly. This research guide includes resources for: Learning the fundamentals of legal writing Writing legal briefs and memoranda Understanding the rules of legal citation It also includes information on: Journals and other online resources for learning about legal writing Technology solutions for legal writing If you have…

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