Get a Library Card

Library cards are obtained in person at the library with a valid form of Texas identification — see our library use policy for details. If you are a Texas resident but are unable to visit the library in person to obtain a library card, you may apply for a card online. Library cards obtained via our online patron registration form will grant you remote access to certain library databases for a period of 3 months. If you require further access to these databases after your initial 3 months, please complete the online renewal form. If you wish to check out materials in print or access our full set of library databases, you must come to the library in person and present a valid form of Texas identification.

To receive a library card, please follow the registration link below to complete a patron registration form. Or if you have previously registered with us online and need to renew your library card for another 3 months, follow the renewal link. Please note that library staff must review your application before you receive a library card.

In order to verify Texas residency using the internet, we require that you allow your browser to determine your location via geolocation. See this informational page for details about how geolocation works and which browsers are compatible.

When you click on the registration link below, your browser will request your permission to determine your location. If you do not wish to allow this, you cannot register for a library card online — you will have to visit the library in person.

» Register for a library card

» Renew your library card for another 3 months

page last updated: 6 Sep 2013 10:09 AM