Conference Room Policy

The State Law Library has one conference room primarily for the use of the Law Library in conducting staff meetings and programs that enrich and extend Law Library services to the community. When this room is not in use by the Law Library, it is available without charge to any governmental agency, judicial body, bar association, non-profit organization, or attorney licensed to practice law by a state or federal bar.

Because there is no fee for the use of the conference room, the Law Library requires that no admission fees or donations be assessed to attendees. Users of the conference room are permitted to distribute educational materials and collect a fee to recover the cost of production and printing of that material. Fundraising events to benefit the State Law Library, sponsored by the State Law Library or the Friends of the State Law Library, are specifically permitted under this policy.

Conference room use may not interfere with the normal operation of the Law Library, and the Law Library reserves the right to review, accept, or reject any or all requests for conference room use. Use of the conference room will not be granted for meetings that are partisan or commercial (having personal or business profits as a chief aim for the meeting) in their purpose.

The library's conference room is 16' by 20' and is located on the ground floor. The room can hold a maximum of 12 people with chairs and tables. For other configurations, please coordinate with the library to make sure we can accommodate your group. The group making the reservation will set up the room as necessary. Scheduled time must include set up and break down. The room must be put back into the original configuration. 

Conference Room Rules


  • Scheduling is on a "first-come, first-served" basis by contacting the Law Library in person, reserving a spot on our online calendar, or by telephone at (512) 463-1722.
  • Organizations or individuals scheduling the conference room are required to state the purpose of the meeting, designate a contact person, and provide contact information including a phone number.
  • Any filming or recording is not allowed unless it has been pre-approved by the Texas Facilities Commission. Organizations or individuals are required to inform the Law Library if they wish to film or record so that permission can be confirmed prior to the reservation time.
  • The conference room can be reserved for up to three hours per day unless otherwise approved. Indicate the amount of time needed when placing your reservation. If there are no other reservations at the end of your three-hour reservation, you are welcome to continue using the conference room. Please check with library staff for availability.
  • Meetings must be concluded by 4:30 p.m. — 30 minutes prior to the closing of the Law Library.
  • Your reservation may be automatically canceled if you do not arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled reservation.


  • Organizations or individuals are fully responsible for any damages to the room or its contents. Damages are based upon actual repair or replacement costs.
  • Organizations or individuals using the conference room are responsible for setting up chairs and tables provided by the Law Library.
  • Supplies such as notepaper, flip chart pads, pencils, pens, etc. must be provided by those reserving the conference room. The library does not make these available.
  • Nails, thumbtacks, or other damage-causing hardware shall not be used in the conference room for the purpose of attaching decorations or visual aids.
  • Organizations or individuals using the conference room must provide their own computers or laptops. The Law Library does not provide computers or laptops for conference room use.
  • Library-owned projection equipment may be borrowed, subject to availability.
  • Kitchen facilities are not available. Already prepared refreshments are permitted.

Prohibited Behavior

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Law Library.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Law Library.
  • No unlawful, hazardous, or dangerous activities may be conducted in the Law Library.
  • No open flames of any kind are allowed in the Law Library.
  • The conference room must be left in a clean, sanitary, and orderly condition. The room must be returned to its original configuration. Failure to do so could result in the organization or individual being prohibited from using the Law Library's conference room in the future.
  • Storage of materials before or after the reserved time is prohibited. The Law Library assumes no responsibility for materials belonging to the organization or individual or liability for loss or damages.

page last updated: 19 Jul 2023 5:00 PM