Library Use Policy


To borrow print materials or access e-books and databases from the State Law Library, you must become a registered patron. Texas residents may create a library account online, but only those who also register in person may borrow print materials from the library.

To access the databases and borrow e-books from our Digital Collection, the applicant must:

  • Be a resident of Texas or employed by a Texas state agency
  • Be physically present in Texas at the time of registration
  • Use a web browser capable of geolocation and agree to submit geolocation data to confirm Texas residency
  • Provide a valid e-mail address and contact information

To borrow print materials, the applicant must:

  • Be physically present in the library to complete the application and borrow materials
  • Be a resident of Texas or employed by a Texas state agency
  • Present a government-issued photo ID displaying the patron's current address or a photo ID and (1) a current utility bill, (2) a voter's registration card displaying the patron's current address, or (3) a current lease agreement

Library Accounts

We do not offer library accounts for organizations, only for individuals. A patron may not hold multiple library accounts, and an email address may only be associated with one library account. Library staff will deny any duplicate registration attempts and disable any duplicate accounts if an existing account exists, regardless of its status. Patrons are also prohibited from using another patron's account to access online materials or check out library books.

Upon completion of an application, the applicant will receive a library account that expires one year after the date of registration. 

Library accounts may be renewed after they have expired, or to prevent a lapse in access, they may be renewed up to 30 days before the account expiration date. Any outstanding fees (e.g., overdue charges, book replacement costs) must be paid prior to renewal. Patrons can request to renew a library account online, but please note that account renewals must be processed manually by library staff during business hours.

Patrons must have their library card or a form of valid photo ID to check out items.

Online Account Registration & Renewal

The library uses the Geolocation API as part of the online account registration and online account renewal procedures. Any attempt to bypass this required step, to falsify or otherwise intentionally misrepresent geolocation data, or to intentionally misrepresent one's Texas residency may result in a suspension of the patron's library privileges.

Accounts created online must include the patron's individual e-mail address. E-mail accounts from services that provide “public inboxes” where users can access an inbox without logging in with a password are not allowed. Accounts created online that use this type of e-mail address will be suspended until a valid e-mail address is provided.

Circulation Periods

Most print library materials have a circulation period of 3 weeks. The remaining print materials either circulate overnight or are part of our reference collection that does not circulate. Items in our reference collection are only available for use in the library. Items that circulate overnight are due before closing the following business day.

Library e-books offered through OverDrive have a circulation period of up to 7 days. Any borrowed e-book will be automatically returned to the library upon the expiration of the circulation period.

Circulation Fees

The State Law Library charges circulation fees to borrow print materials. E-books do not have circulation fees. The circulation fees for print materials are:

  • $1 per item borrowed; or
  • $60 per person per year for unlimited circulation

Government employees are exempt from circulation fees.

All patrons, including government employees, are responsible for administrative fees and replacement costs for lost materials.


Holds may be placed on circulating materials, including e-books. Any material in circulation is subject to recall after the initial check-out period. A print item that has a hold on it may not be renewed.


One renewal is permitted for print items that circulate for 3 weeks unless another patron has placed a hold on the borrowed material.

Renewals for print items may be done in person, online, or over the phone (from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.). Renewals on overdue print items will result in late fees.

There are no renewals for overnight items.

There are no renewals for e-books, but you can borrow an e-book again if it is available.

Overdue Notices

As a courtesy, the library sends automated e-mail notices informing patrons of the overdue status of materials borrowed. The library is not responsible for misdirected notices sent to patrons who have not verified or updated their contact information with the library.


Fines are 50 cents per day per item borrowed and continue to accrue until the item is returned or the maximum fine is reached. The maximum fine is $12.50 per item.

  • Fines may accrue for overdue print materials. No fines accrue for e-books.
  • Fines are calculated from the material's due date until the material is returned. Fines do not accrue on days when the library is closed.
  • Once the item has reached the maximum late fine of $12.50, the item is considered lost. 
  • Patrons will be charged the replacement cost for lost items in addition to any accrued fines. See the Lost Books section below for more info.

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their account and for returning those materials on time. Patrons are responsible for any fines or fees incurred.

Patrons whose accounts are not in good standing will not be allowed to check out materials and will be barred from accessing the library's computers and electronic resources until the account is brought back to good standing.

Lost Books

Patrons will be charged for print materials that are considered lost.

The following fees are assessed:

  • Up to $12.50 in late fines per item;
  • $100 or the actual replacement cost of the material borrowed (whichever is greater); and
  • $15 administrative fee (non-refundable)

Failure to return materials and pay all associated fees will result in the suspension of the patron's library privileges (including computer use and access to electronic resources) until the matter is resolved and the account is brought back to good standing. Failure to return library materials may also result in criminal prosecution.

Databases and E-Books

In order to access or use the databases and e-books offered by the library, patrons must agree to and comply with any terms, conditions, usage limits, or any other restrictions set forth by the third parties who manage these resources. Violating or abusing the terms of use may result in a suspension of the patron's library privileges.

Policy Violations

The library reserves the right to suspend a patron's library privileges if the library determines the patron has violated library policy. In exceptional circumstances, the library may permanently suspend a patron's library privileges.

The State Law Library reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

page last updated: 17 Jun 2024 10:26 AM