Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

May 17, 2022


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Practicing law can be incredibly stressful, and as a result members of the legal profession are particularly at risk for mental health and substance abuse issues. Fortunately, there are resources to help lawyers, judges, and law students address these issues. Here's a list of places to find help managing anxiety, depression, stress, and substance abuse. 

Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program

The Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program (TLAP) provides various types of support for lawyers, judges, law students, and legal employers who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. They offer phone support, therapist recommendations, funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment, and other types of programming and support. TLAP's services are completely confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call or text TLAP at 1-800-343-8527.

TLAP also has a support toolbox with a series of self-guided video courses on managing stress, dealing with COVID-19 fatigue and burnout, setting boundaries, and more. You can also take their free 1-hour CLE on depression and suicide prevention

Attorneys can also find help through Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, a support group for lawyers, law students, and judges with mental health and substance abuse issues. These groups are not affiliated with TLAP, but you can find a list of remote and in-person meetings around the state on the TLAP toolbox page

Lawyers Depression Project

Lawyers Depression Project is an online peer support group project for attorneys, law students, paralegals, and administrators. The project was started by several attorneys who struggle with depression and other mental health issues. Members can attend bi-monthly peer support group meetings and access a confidential forum for discussions about mental health.

 American Bar Association Mental Health Awareness

The American Bar Association includes additional resources for mental health, including a template aimed at legal employers for assisting employees who are struggling with mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. Find their resources on the ABA's Mental Health Awareness page.

Resources from Local Bar Associations

Your local bar associations may also have information on local options for counseling and treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, so be sure to check with them. Here are a few pages from bar associations around the state:

Houston Bar Association Wellness

Austin Bar Association Lawyer Well-Being

Dallas Bar Association Mental Health Resources

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