Legislative Recaps of the 86th Legislature (2019)

The Texas legislature meets regularly every 2 years (on odd-numbered years). At the end of a regular legislative session, hundreds of passed bills are sent to the governor for approval. Due to the very large number of bills and the wide variety of topics they cover, it can be difficult to get an understanding of all the new laws that were passed.

To help the public become aware of new laws, many organizations provide summaries of new legislation. Below we highlight some of the legislative summaries published by news organizations, state agencies, professional organizations, and independent writers.

Some legislative summaries may be written before the governor's veto period ends. Depending on when the governor receives a bill, he or she has between 10 and 20 days to veto legislation passed by the Legislature. Please keep this in mind when reading any legislative summary. We recommended consulting the governor's veto statements to ensure a bill was not vetoed.

Association of Texas Professional Educators

ATPE discusses highlights from the 86th legislative session. Topics include school finance, educator pay, school safety and student health.

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin alternative weekly newspaper's roundup of articles from the 86th Texas legislative session.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities 

A full overview of legislation from the 86th Legislative session related to the CPPP's priorities, including breakdowns on good bills that passed, bad bills that failed, and missed opportunities.

Criminal Defense Blog — 2019 Criminal Law Update

A quick rundown of new criminal law legislation from the 86th Legislature from law firm Varghese Summersett's criminal defense blog.

Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News's roundup of articles from the 86th legislative session.

Dallas Observer

A wrap-up and analysis of the 86th Legislative session from the Dallas-based publication.

Defending Management

Defending Management is an educational blog for employers from the law firm of Seltzer Chadwick Soefje & Ladik, PLLC. This post discusses new employment laws from the 86th session that affect private employers.

Grits for Breakfast

Grits for Breakfast is a blog that focuses on criminal justice reform issues in Texas. This post includes a transcript of an episode of the blog's podcast, "Reasonably Suspicious," that discusses criminal justice reform efforts from the 86th session.

The Houston Chronicle

An analysis of the 86th Texas legislative session from the editorial staff of the Houston Chronicle.

Independent Insurance Agents of Texas

The Independent Insurance Agents of Texas website has a discussion of legislative issues that affect the insurance industry.

Legislative Reference Library — Effective Dates for Bills

The Legislative Reference Library provides a listing of the effective dates for bills passed by the 86th Legislature.

Legislative Reference Library — 86th Session Snapshot

The Legislative Reference Library provides this snapshot of the 86th Legislature, with information about House and Senate committees and members.

Office of Public Insurance Counsel

This wrap-up from OPIC discusses insurance consumer protections from the 2019 Legislative Session.

The National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

This post from the lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association discusses the NRA-supported legislation that passed during the 86th legislative session.

Randle Law Office on Local Control

This post from an attorney's blog discusses new state restrictions on local control from the 2019 legislative session.

Rio Grande Guardian

The Rio Grande Guardian published an interview with Texas Senator Juan Hinojosa that includes a discussion of the 86th session bills that affect the Rio Grande Valley.

SE Texas Record

SE Texas Record is a legal journal covering the southeast Texas legal system. This post details legislation that impacts the Texas legal system and includes a wrapup from Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

Texas Association of Counties

TAC provides information for county officials on state laws that affect Texas counties. Their Legislative News section covers the 86th Texas legislative session.

Texas Bar Association 86th Session Overview 

The Texas Bar Association issues its full overview of the 86th legislative session.

Texas Bar Association CLEs

The Texas Bar Association puts out continuing legal education materials for members of the Bar. After each legislative session, the Bar updates its CLE materials with subject-specific recaps. See the library's listing of CLE materials for subject-specific titles.

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization focused on criminal justice reform. This post covers criminal justice-related legislature from the 86th session.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

A summary of criminal justice-related legislature from the 86th session from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Texas Department of Information Resources

This post from DIR focuses on technology-related legislation from the 86th session.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

This page details a list of the bills passed by the Legislature related to TDLR and its programs.

Texas District and County Attorneys Association

A general election recap and legislative updates from TDCAA, including news on the effects of the new hemp legislation.

Texas Homeowners Association

Texas Homeowners Association provides a full recap of legislation affecting HOAs and POAs from the 86th Legislative Session.

Texas Impact

Texas Impact is a grassroots interfaith organization. This post is a recap of how issues from the group's legislative agenda were affected by the 86th Legislative Session.

Texas Judicial Council 

This report from the Texas Judicial Council summarizes legislation from the 86th Legislative Session that will affect the Texas Court system.

Texas Medical Association

TMA provides a recap of health and medicine-related bills from the 86th legislative session.

Texas Monthly

The Austin-based magazine takes a look at the successes and failures of the 86th session.

Texas Municipal League

TML's list of legislative updates that affect municipal government from the 86th session.

The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune's "Under the Dome" series is a mini-documentary on the 86th legislative session.

Disclaimer: The sites listed above are hosted by third-party organizations and are intended as an informational source for the public; the library does not endorse any political messages these sources may contain. Please see our third-party linking policy for more information.

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