Does my landlord have to provide air conditioning or repair my A/C unit?

July 11, 2022


Temperatures are reaching historic highs across Texas this week, and many tenants may wonder if their landlord is responsible for providing air conditioning in their homes. See our Legal FAQ on this topic, Does my landlord have to provide air conditioning or repair my A/C unit?

State landlord/tenant laws do not explicitly require landlords to provide air conditioning for their tenants. However, the landlord may be required to protect their tenant against extreme temperatures in the lease agreement or elsewhere in the law. 

Tenants should read their lease agreement to see if it requires the landlord to provide and maintain air conditioning. It’s also a good idea to check local city ordinances or technical building codes as some cities may require a property owner to provide and/or properly maintain air conditioning in residential spaces.

If a unit came with air conditioning but the A/C unit is faulty or needs repair, a tenant can file a "repair and remedy" case with the Justice of the Peace if their landlord does not fix a broken A/C unit when they are required to do so by law.

Stay cool and safe out there!

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