Historical Texas Statutes (1879–1925)

In 1854, the Texas Legislature authorized a commission to codify existing laws. The Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure were completed first in 1856, and the civil statutes followed in 1879. Subsequent revisions and recodifications followed in 1895 and 1911. In 1925, there was a reorganization of the statutes, which still serves as the basis for our current statutes. Below we present these various revisions and recodifications.

For a more comprehensive guide to historical versions of Texas statutes (both official and unofficial) as well as information on how to locate historical session laws, see our research guide that lists the various sources of historical Texas statutes. The research guide outlines library resources, print materials, and online resources that may help you in your research. You may also want to look at the information on our Texas Statutes page as it also lists various online sources for historical versions of statutes, bills, session laws, and legislative histories.

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Revised Statutes of Texas, 1879

Revised Statutes of Texas, 1895

Revised Statutes of Texas, 1911

Revised Statutes of Texas, 1925

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