Lexis Training

The Texas State Law Library typically hosts Lexis training sessions once a month from noon to 1 pm. These training sessions are conducted by a Lexis representative, and each session qualifies for 1 hour of continuing legal education (CLE) credit. These sessions are free and open to the public, but they are limited to 20 participants. We send out an e-mail announcement every month as a reminder; to receive these announcements, please sign up for our mailing list. The class schedule for this month and a description of the training is available below.

To reserve a spot, please call us at (512) 463-1722.
Please note that we only accept registrations during the week prior to the class date.

If you are unable to attend our training sessions in person, Lexis also provides online tutorials and support for Lexis Advance. This support is free but is not eligible for CLE credit.

Date Class

About the Trainings

Beginner training is aimed at those who have no or limited experience with Lexis Advance and would like to learn more. Topics include searching and Shepardizing cases and code, narrowing searches with filters, and accessing secondary resources.

Advanced training is targeted at those who are already familiar with Lexis Advance and would like to learn advanced search techniques. Topics include boolean search logic, "layered" research techniques, and exploring headnotes to search more efficiently.

Researching Expert Witnesses is a discussion of the different methods for finding information related to specialized testimony. Topics include sources of knowledge, reliability and authentication of web-based information, and effective use of technology in research.

Social Media and Metadata training is an exploration of the legal questions surrounding the use of social media and metadata. Topics include discoverability of social media, established rules, and existing case law.

Privacy Laws training discusses relevant privacy laws as well as appropriate ways to research individuals via the internet and online databases.

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