Administrative Rules

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Some of the statutes enacted by the Texas Legislature authorize certain state agencies and commissions to create rules to help administer and carry out the law. These rules are compiled and organized by subject matter by the office of the Texas Secretary of State as the Texas Administrative Code. The Texas State Law Library has the complete collection of older versions of the Texas Administrative Code in our archives, dating back to 1979. These older versions are available for public viewing during our normal business hours. If you are unable to visit the library in person, you may be able to obtain copies of older administrative rules through our for-pay document delivery service. Please Ask a Librarian if you'd like assistance with the Texas Administrative Code.

Texas Register

Before changes can be made to the Texas Administrative Code, any proposed changes are first published in the Texas Register, which serves as the journal of state agency rulemaking in Texas. According to the Texas Secretary of State, the information published in the Texas Register includes "proposed, adopted, withdrawn and emergency rule actions, notices of state agency review of agency rules, governor's appointments, attorney general opinions, and miscellaneous documents such as requests for proposals."

The Texas State Law Library has the complete collection of Texas Register issues since it was first published, and these issues are made available to the public during our normal business hours. You can also access the Texas Register online. On that page you will find links to recent issues as well as to older issues made available through the University of North Texas's Portal to Texas History. If you do not find what you are looking for, Ask a Librarian for assistance.

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