Parole & Mandatory Supervision Law

The library often receives questions about parole and mandatory supervision law and whether an inmate is eligible for parole. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles provides answers to common questions about parole and mandatory supervision. We recommend you read through Parole in Texas, a TDCJ publication available for free in PDF format that helps provide accurate information about parole and mandatory supervision (also available in Spanish).

Because the parole and mandatory supervision laws in Texas have a long history of revisions and amendments, questions about eligibility and other parole issues usually require that you look at the parole law that was in place on a specific date — for example, the date of a conviction or the date of the offense that led to a conviction.

Unfortunately, the official print versions of the Texas statutes — Vernon's Texas Statutes Annotated — are currently protected by copyright, so the library is unable to provide digital scans of previous versions of the law on our website. This type of research normally requires you to visit a law library in person in order to view previous versions of the law.

The current version of the parole and supervision statutes are available online via chapter 508 of the Government Code. Sections 508.145 and 508.149, which relate to eligibility for parole and mandatory supervision, refer you to the list of offenses found in Article 42A.054 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

You can also see any version of these statutes from early 2004 to the present by using the Statutes by Date feature on the Texas Legislature's website. On that page you can access the law as of any specific date after the 10th of January of 2004.

If you need to locate the parole and mandatory supervision laws for a date prior to January 11th, 2004, we invite you to submit a request to the library. Through our fee-based document delivery service, we can provide copies of the law either in print or electronically.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

page last updated: 28 Feb 2019 4:52 PM