Restrictions After a Felony Conviction

Below are the restrictions we have identified in the Government Code. You may also select a different source.

3g Offenses Aggravated Offenses Alcohol Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Dependency Alcohol Treatments Aliens Annuities Attorneys Automobile Background Checks Barratry Beneficiaries Bonds Burglaries Carrying Weapons Cars Certifications Child Child Abuse Child Pornography Child Safety Zones Children CHL Community Service Compensation Computers Concealed Handguns Conditional Pardons Controlled Substances Court Reporters Court Reporting Firms Court Stenographers Criminal History Criminal Records Deferred Compensation Plans Deportation Disbarments Disbarred DNA Domestic Violence Drug Abuse Drug Addictions Drug Courts Drug Dependency Drug Offenses Drug Tests Drugs DUI DWI Employees Retirement System of Texas Family Violence Fees Fire Departments Fire Fighters Firearm Possession Firearms Firefighters Fraud Gambling Guns Halfway Houses Handgun Instructors Handguns Hate Crimes Human Trafficking Illegal Aliens Illegal Immigrants Immigration Immigration and Naturalization Services Indecency with a Child Internet Intoxication Investment Advisers Investments Judges Judicial Officers Judicial Retirement System of Texas Juries Jurors Justices Kidnapping Law Enforcement Lawyers Licenses Lottery Lottery Commission Members Lottery Licenses Malpractice Mandatory Supervision Military Minors Moral Turpitude Motor Vehicles Notary Public Pardons Parole Parole Conditions Parole Fees Parole Releasees Pensions Petit Jury Police Prostitution Protective Orders Public Information Residency Restrictions Restraining Orders Retirement Right to Bear Arms Schools Securities Securities Agents Securities Dealers Sex Offenders Sex Offenses Sexually Oriented Businesses Shorthand Reporters Shorthand Reporting Firm Employees Shorthand Reporting Firms Stalking State Bar of Texas State Employees State Lottery Sales Agents State Securities Board Stocks Substance Abuse Treatments Teacher Retirement System of Texas Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Texas Commission on Fire Protection Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Texas County and District Retirement System Texas Emergency Services Retirement System Texas Lottery Commission Texas Municipal Retirement System Texas State Guard Members Undocumented Immigrants United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Weapons