Restrictions After a Felony Conviction

Below are the restrictions we have identified in the Health and Safety Code. You may also select a different source.

3g Offenses Assisted Living Facilities Background Checks Certifications Child Communicable Diseases Continuing Care Facilities Continuing Care Facility Managers Controlled Substances Criminal History Criminal Records Diseases Drug Distributors Drug Offenses Drugs Embezzlement Emergency Medical Personnel Emergency Medical Services Facilities for Elderly or Disabled Food Safety Fraud Fraudulent Conversions Health Facilities Healthcare Licenses Meat and Poultry Inspections Meat Producers Medical Device Distributors Medical Device Manufacturers Medical Devices Medical Equipment Medically Dependent Minors Medications Medicine Misappropriation of Property Moral Turpitude Nurse Aides Nursing Facilities Nursing Facility Administrators Nursing Homes Pediatric Medicine Pharmaceuticals Poultry Producers Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center Owners Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers Prostitution Public Health Retirement Retirement Communities Sex Offenders Sex Offenses Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Texas Department of State Health Services Transmittable Diseases Wholesale Distributors of Nonprescription Drugs