Restrictions After a Felony Conviction

Below are the restrictions we have identified in the Transportation Code. You may also select a different source.

Alcohol Automobile Background Checks Bus Drivers Cars Certifications Commercial Driver's Licenses Commercial Motor Vehicles Controlled Substances Criminal History Criminal Negligence Criminal Records Criminally Negligent Homicides Department of Public Safety Disabled Parking Enforcement Driver's License Suspension Driver's Licenses Driving While Intoxicated Drug Offenses Drugs DUI DWI Evading Arrest Fake IDs Handicapped Parking Enforcement Identification IDs Illegal Racing Intoxication Intoxication Assaults Intoxication Manslaughter Juveniles Leaving the Scene License Plates Licenses Manslaughter Minors Motor Vehicles Occupational Driver's Licenses Provisional Driver's Licenses Racing School Bus Drivers Sex Offenders Sex Offenses Vehicle Inspection Station Vehicle Inspections Vehicle Inspectors Vehicle Registrations